Week 3 of the NFL Handicapped:

The biggest thing we can say about week 2 in the NFL is that it was much better than week 1.  Week 2 wasn’t spectacular, but it was a definite step in the right direction.  This week we have some huge lines, some confusing lines and a couple of lines that may change after a pretty crazy trade took place today.


REGULAR PLAYS (Current Record: 12-11)

-Kansas City @ Philadelphia(-3)This is a tough one.  I want to take the Chiefs, but the Eagles are at home and still seem to be able to put points on the board.  The Chiefs defense should be the toughest test they’ve had yet, and seem to be able to score some points of their own.  I don’t really think either of these teams is for real, but I think the Chiefs are closer than the Eagles.  Take the points

PICK: Chiefs +3

-San Diego @ Tennessee (-3) – San Diego squeaked out a win at Philly last week but that had more to do with the Eagles taking a stupid penalty and making a few more mistakes.  On the other hand, the Titans were very close to going 2-0 before an incredible comeback by the Texans.  What they did prove is that they are a much better team than we’ve given them credit for.  The Chargers will be missing one of their best receivers and may not be as efficient as they’ve been the 1st two weeks.  Titans win by a TD

PICK: Tennessee (-3)

-Cleveland @ Minnesota (-6.5) – This line was sitting at (-5) this morning and has already shifted a point and a half.  This line should move to at least 7 so jump on it now.  The Browns have scored 16 points this season and now will be without their starting RB and starting QB.  Yeah even Minny can’t screw this one up.

PICK: Minnesota (-6.5)

Tampa Bay @ New England (-7) – I hate taking the Pats here but I’m forced to.  We all know that the Jets and Bills play the -Pats tougher than most and the Bucs don’t seem interested in playing anyone tough at all.  They were only in last week’s game because Brees allowed them to be so.  This week Kenbrell Thompkins gets himself together and has a big game.  No way they drop as many balls as last week.  If Gronk returns they could be even more dangerous.  It’s worth the risk.

PICK: New England (-7)

-St Louis @ Dallas (-4) – Based on early season, we should believe that the Cowboys are good and the Rams aren’t.  I don’t believe this.  The Rams gave a hell of a fight to the Falcons last week and the Cowboys should have beaten the Chiefs.  Dallas loses games like this so run with St Loo.  Maybe even look at the Money Line(+170)

PICK: St. Louis +4

-Arizona @ New Orleans – Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I’m running with the Saints AGAIN. They are at home and are a significantly better team.  Something tells me we’re looking at a push here but if it goes one way or the other, I think it falls in the Saints favour.

PICK: New Orleans(-7)

Detroit @ Washington (-2.5) – This is a tough one.  Washington has shown us nothing this season and the Lions have shown they can score at will.  However the Lions have also shown us that they love to do stupid things and try to give the game away.  Washington hasn’t really played with a lead yet(a defensively generated one doesn’t count) so now we’ll see what they’re made of when they are given opportunities.

PICK: Washington (-2.5)

-Green Bay(-2.5) @ Cincinnati – The Packers beat the ‘Skins handily last week but looked vulnerable at the end.  The Bengals looked pretty bad beating the Steelers, but got that monkey off their back.  This line is exactly where I put it before looking at the lines so I obviously hate it.  At the end of the day I think the Packers need this one more(as the AFC North isn’t going to be a juggernaut this year) to keep pace with the Bears and will do what is necessary.

PICK: Green Bay (-2.5)

-Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins(-3) – Yeah.  You read that right.  The Dolphins are favourites here against one of the Superbowl favourites.  This line essentially states that these two teams are equal.  Yeah I’m a Dolphins fan and I can’t fathom how this line is where it is.  This line opened at (-1.5) and it wasn’t public money that pushed it, it was sharp money.  This scares me a little, but I still can’t lay points against a much better team.

PICK: Atlanta +3

-Indianapolis @ San Francisco (-10) – This has been one of the toughest lines for me to handicap and it’s been driving me nuts.  I have stated that I don’t think Indy is as good as everyone else seems to, but I’m starting to wonder what 49ers team we’re getting week to week.  In week 1 Kaepernick looked like a star and last week he was absolutely horrid.  I know the defenses were different calibre but even when he had opportunities he seemed unable to take them.  Take the points.

PICK: Indianapolis +10

-Jacksonville @ Seattle (-18.5) – Seattle is favoured by almost 20 points and I’m still taking them.  Jacksonville is terrible and their best player won’t be at 100%.  Seattle will likely give up less than a TD in this game and may score 50+.  This one will be an absolute beating.

PICK: Seattle (-18.5)

-Buffalo @ NY Jets (-2.5)  – Two teams who aren’t as awful as we thought they’d be.  The Jets looked terrible on offense and solid on D last week but some of that was the Pats inability to catch anything at all.  The Bills looked solid in defeating a Panthers team that has disappointed most.  This is a tough one, but the Bills are probably the better team and the line doesn’t reflect that.  I’d also trust Manuel over Smith any day.  Take the points!!

PICK: Buffalo +2.5

-Oakland @ Denver (-14.5) – For the second straight year I started out doubting the Broncos and have paid dearly for it.  Well, that ends now.  Denver seems to destroy everything in their path and should have an easy time with the Raiders swiss cheese defense.  Pryor may put up a few of his own but the Broncos will dominate this game and win by a mile.

PICK: Denver (-14.5)

Current Record: 3-4

Current Record: 3-4

-Houston (-2.5) @ Baltimore – The Ravens might be done.  Yes they beat the Browns last week, but they looked terrible in doing so.  WIthout Jacoby Jones they’ll be hard pressed to develop any sustainable passing attack, and with Ray Rice not practicing yet this week, we know even if he does play he’ll be very limited.  Houston on the other hand, has been late to the party two weeks in a row but won both games.  They also welcomed DeAndre Hopkins to the show last week as he demonstrated that he will be a force in this offense and may just be the guy to step in for the aging Andre Johnson.

PICK: Houston (-2.5)

-NY Giants @ Carolina (-1.5) – Remember the last time Carolina was favoured over the Giants?  Last year they were favoured by 2.5 points and the G-Men walked into Carolina for Thursday Night Football and beat the tar out of the Panthers.  I know the teams have changed but the Giants are still the better team and will lay another beating on the Panthers.

PICK: NY Giants  +1.5

-Chicago @ Pittsburgh +2.5 – The Steelers season has been nothing short of a disaster so far and the Bears have started 2-0.  This should make the Bears a heavy favourite in this game but the Steelers are still getting credit for the team they used to be and the Bears are taking a little heat for their cardiac season thus far.  Either way, I’m taking the much better team here and laying a couple with Chicago.

PICK: Chicago (-2.5)


Well we had a $420 improvement last week which still meant we bit it for $20 but we were a ridiculous interception away from being perfect(Damn you Brees!!).  This week we have a few tasty options:

Starting Bankroll: $2000.00

Current Bankroll: $1540

-Houston (-3) laying $110 to win $100

-NY Giants (-1, moved the line) laying $200 to win $200

-Chicago (-2.5) laying $110 to win $100

That’s it for now, but please remember, BET WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!

*All lines come from bet365.com, the site I use.




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